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 List of Trained Mediators:

Sikkim SLSA under the aegis of Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee, Supreme Court of India has trained 52 nos. of mediators as follows:

Judicial Officers
1 Mr. N.G. Sherpa, Registrar General, High Court of Sikkim, Gangtok.
2Mr. K.W. Bhutia,Registrar, High Court of Sikkim & Member Secretary, Sikkim SLSA.
3 Ms. Jyoti Kharga,Ld. District & Sessions Judge, East at Gangtok.

Advocates and other trained participants (Doctors & NGO's)
East & North District (36 nos)
1 Mr. N. Rai, Sr. Advocate19 Mr. B. C. Tamang, Advocate
2 Mr. S. S. Hamal, Sr. Advocate20 Mrs. Rita Sharma, Advocate
3 Mr. U. P. Sharma, Advocate21 Shri Yadav Sharma, Advocate
4 Mrs. Matilda Isaacs, Addl. Secretary, SLSA22 Ms. Cheden Lhamu Bhutia, Advocate
5 Mr. Umesh Ranpal, Advocate23 Shri Sunil Baraily, Advocate
6 Mr. Ajay Rathi, Advocate24 Shri Bhupendra Pokhrel, Advocate
7 Mr. Sudesh Joshi, Advocate25 Shri Leada Tshering Bhutia, Advocate
8 Ms. Kesang Diki Bhutia, Advocate26 Shri Jiwan Kumar Kharga, Advocate
9 Ms. Navtara Sarda, Advocate.27 Shri Umesh Gurung, Advocate
10 Mr. Jorgay Namkha, Advocate28 Mr. Jigmee Phunchok, Advocate
11 Mr. Tashi N. Basi, Advocate29 Ms. Punyawati Pokhrel, Advocate
12 Mr. R. C. Sharma, Advocate30 Ms. Laxmi Pakhrin, Advocate
13 Mr. D. B. Kotwal, Advocate31 Mr. J. K. P. Jaiswal, Advocate
14 Mr. S. P. Bhutia, Advocate32 Mr. B. C. Tamang, Advocate
15 Ms. Yangchen D. Gyatso, Advocate33 Ms. Anita Lepcha, Advocate
16 Mr. B. K. Gupta, Advocate34 Dr. Bibushan Dahal, Neuro Psychiatrist
17 Mr. Tashi Rapten Barfungpa, Advocate35 Ms. Latika Basnett, NGO
18 Ms. Nimkit Lepcha, Advocate

Advocates and other trained participants (Doctors & NGO's)
South & West District (14 nos)
1 Ms. Kamala Gurung, Advocate8 Ms. Sharmila Lama, Advocate
2 Ms. Yanzee Pinasha, Advocate9 Mr. Sandeep Rai, Advocate
3 Ms. Puja Lamichaney, Advocate10 Mr. Kumar Sharma, Advocate
4 Mr. Bhupendra Giri, Advocate11 Ms. Jyoti Subba, Advocate
5 Mr. Prabhat Rai, Advocate12 Shri Anjan Sharma, Advocate
6 Mrs. Sailaja Rai, Advocate13 Shri Prasun Adhikari, Advocate
7 Ms. Prasuna Sharma, Advocate14 Ms. Ongmu Bhutia, Advocate

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